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SAMHAIN Wiccan Sabbat Printable Set, 8 pages. The files will come with both the parchment background and a white background so that you can save money or print on your own colored paper. US Paper size and A4 size are included. 4 PDF Files. If you would like these files as JPG's message me and I will email them to you.

You will receive 8 DIGITAL files that will be available for instant download upon receipt of payment:

💀 Samhain Divider
💀 Samhain Correspondences
💀 Samhain Goddess - The Morrigan
💀 Samhain Silent Supper Ritual - 2 Pages
💀 Samhain Blank Page
💀 Samhain Lined Spells Page
💀 Samhain Lined Recipes Page

SAMHAIN, (pronounced SOW-in, SAH-vin, SOW-een, or SAM-hayne) means literally “the end of summer” and is the third and final Harvest. Samhain is the Witches New Year, a time for revelry and introspection. It is a night for divination and honouring our ancestors. Other names for Samhain are Samana, Day of the Dead, Old Hallowmas, Vigil of Saman, Shadowfest, and Samhuinn.


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